Tuesday, September 06, 2011

FREE candy bar: Mars Random Acts of Chocolate on 9/8

Just two more days and it will be time for a Random Act of Chocolate!  Though the Facebook page is not yet active to claim a free candy bar, it will be on 9/8/2011.  So definitely be checking for the promo to go live then!  From their press release:
Americans can score free M&M'S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS® or MILKY WAY® Brand Chocolates through a number of Mars Random Acts of Chocolate this fall, including:
  • Log onto either the M&M'S, SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS or MILKY WAY Facebook page on September 8, 2011, to secure a free coupon of their choice, as well as the opportunity to give a free coupon to one of their Facebook friends (while supplies last). [Emphasis mine - so you can secure your coupon via any of those brand offerings' pages.]
Which Mars Candy Bar will you buy with your coupon?  Leave a comment because I'd love to know what your favorite bar is.  I love M&Ms, but I can only eat the ones that aren't blue or green because of a food dye sensitivity.  My kids know if I buy a pack, they'll likely get half because it seems heavy on the blue and green compared to other colors.  I call it portion control.

In case you want to go pre-like your favorite candy bar in advance of the start of the promo on 9/8, here's a list of their Facebook pages.  These links should take you to the free candy links on each respective page.

M&M's Facebook page

Snickers' Facebook page

Twix's Facebook page

3 Musketeers' Facebook page

Milky Way's Facebook page


Emmi said...

you rock! M&Ms are my fave but I think I'm going to try for trix or snickers!

Candice said...

Thanks for this...I hadn't heard about it! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back :)


Menopausal New Mom said...

Yum Chocolate!!! Thanks for finding me today. Glad to hear I'm not the only one shivering under the covers when I visit my parents house :)

Oh and I'm following you back. Love your wallpaper!! So cute and retro!

Happy Tuesday!

Mikki said...

What a neat opportunity! I'm following back from http://momsbestnest.blogspot.com/ and am so glad you dropped by. I'll look forward to reading your posts...especially ones about free chocolate :)

Shiloh said...

Oh wow! How can you say no to chocolate! Thanks so much for stopping by Everyday Gameplan:) I'm following back.:)

Baba said...

Stopping in from Good Friends Just click! Love chocolate so this is a great post for me. Following too!

Debs Dealz said...

Hi there, I am returning the follow from Debs Dealz! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me!