Friday, January 08, 2016

Saving money in the New Year at Swagbucks by keeping your Resolutions

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A new year brings many things, most often in the form of New Year's Resolutions.  These are hung on the fridge, talked about at the dinner table, and bandied about at the water cooler.  While I'm not one to actually write out a list per se, we did resolve to eat better in the New Year.  This is a challenge in our household as, well, we are all a bit addicted to our junk food.  Fitness is definitely on our minds, as well as everyone else's! 

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Save on your weight loss products, too.  Choosing a diet is an important step and nutrition is key.  Trust me, I've learned the hard way just how bad you can feel with nutritional deficiencies! And how embarrassing it can be to faint in a major art museum as a result of them. So if you are wanting to change up your diet and make sure your body is nutritionally supported, check out these stores at Swagbucks where you can shop through them and earn up to 14% cash back.  
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With tax season looming, it's one of those things you may be resolving to do --- not wait until the last minute to file!  We are generally early filers, but one year, we filed just before the deadline.  It was stressful for me, and I make my husband do our taxes.  Save by earning up to 50% cash back on products you purchase through Swagbucks related to these products that will help you get you through tax season and beyond in 2016:
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Finally, there's always the stores that you normally shop at.  You can also earn cash back by shopping through these retailers for your needs.  Recently, I decided to do a refresh of my towels.  I looked at those ragged buggers in my linen closet and cringed as I pulled out the nicer ones for family that was visiting.  Sorry, Mom!  I promise I'll have nice, new towels the next time you visit.  January is a prime time to buy linens as it's traditionally when white sales are held. 
  • Target
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