Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walmart Savings Catcher update on savings #walmartsavingscatcher

It's been a few weeks since I began using Walmart Savings Catcher.  It was originally only in select cities, but is nationwide.  If you are not signed up, you could be missing some savings!

Since Walmart Savings Catcher went nationwide at the beginning of August, I've entered several receipts.  Seven to be exact.  Only two of those seven found no extra savings.  Yes, two were savings of under a buck.  I could see where some might think it was hardly worth the trouble for pennies.  But it only takes a quick log in (or you could use their app) and entering in your TC number and date.  Hit submit and wait a few days while they do the comparison.  You spend literally a minute or less to type in the numbers on a computer.

So far, my total back that I can transfer to an e-gift is....

Not too shabby for a few weeks' worth of receipts.  You can save up that money or transfer it to an e-gift when you need or want it.  I have read online of some who are saving theirs up for Christmas or Birthday shopping.  You could earmark yours for a specific item you've been eying that you've been wanting to get, but don't buy yourself. 

How much have you saved?  Please let me know in the comments!  Also, if you haven't joined, it is free to join and you can do so here:


Rebecca Orr said...

So far, I have just added my recipes. I have not heard back yet, but it has not been a few days yet. Hopefully I will save something though! Even if I do not, I am not just means I got the lowest price! If I do see any savings, I will be letting it add up. With Christmas coming, my daughters birthday December 8 to, and baby number 3 due on December 27th, December will be an expensive month!

Caren Haug said...

Congrats on baby #3! My son was born 12/27 and I totally understand December being an expensive month!

They compare even if you used coupons. I love that they compare stores in my region and not just in my town. I get the savings without having to spend the gas money getting to the other store :)

I hope you see lots of bucks adding up from your receipts!