Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Coke Rewards drops weekly code limit to 75 points total entry per week

One of the new changes when MCR re-launched it's website recently was a drastic lowering of the weekly code limit.  It had been 120, dropped to 100, and has now fallen down to 75 points total.  That's 25 three-point codes or seven 12-packs.  Most people generally do not drink that much Coke in a week anyway, but I've seen some grumbling.  Mainly because  Coke did not warn of an impending drop and the site went down without much notice (as in a social media posting just a few hours, if that, before it went down for days).  By then, the new rules had already gone into effect, again, without a heads-up since the social media post relating to the site maintenance was on 1/21 and the new rules began 1/20.

Note:  The 75 point weekly limit does not include bonus points.

What you will see is a bit different rewards system, now tiered (site fully integrated into Beta), and there are some rewards that weren't otherwise available under MCR's original site (like gift cards, for example).   Still, at 75 points a week, if you were accustomed to entering more codes (like your co-workers gave up their cap codes to you, for instance), the drop in entering will affect your ability to rack up points at a good clip.

75 x 52 = 3,900 possible per year if you entered faithfully each week
100 x 52 = 5,200 possible per year if you entered faithfully each week
Difference of -1,300 points

However, on a positive note, I did migrate to Beta a few months ago and enjoyed the Christmas rewards selection, snagging a few gift cards on the cheap.  It is for this reason that I recommend you bank what you can and hope for a great offer, or at the very least, save those points for next Christmas.  I was also able to snag the max coupons for free Coke at 30 points when the offer was live.  Very nice and worth it to me to save up points for that alone.


Anonymous said...

The 75 point limit is dumb, the limit should be divisible by 10 since that is what 12 packs and cases points are or are multiples of, so I can only enter 70 a week or 73 if I can round up a cap. Surprised they don't change it to 80.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the stupidity of Coca-Cola corporate. Check out their online app for entering points. pure joy.

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe MOST people do not drink that amount in a week but I do! I drink way too much of it and then add the points from my kids and I have lots of codes sitting around. I have boxes of them in the shed. Sadly some are getting to be pretty old and probably are 12 codes vs the 14. Those expired. As much as I love diet coke I am getting frustrated with this program. Wish they just went back to the chance of winning a free 20 oz under the cap like they used to.

Caren Haug said...

If your kids are 13 or older, they can have their own account. There is a limit of one account per person, 5 per household (10 per address; I'm assuming that covers dorms or apartment buildings?). So basically, as long as there are people over the age of 13 living in your home, up to 5 of you can have accounts. I hope that helps you better manage your plentitude of caps.

Limit: 1 Account per person, 5 Accounts per household and 10 Accounts per physical address, but only 1 Account per individual, under all circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I have an almost unlimited access to points at my work. Theres tons of bottles with caps in the recycle bin laying right on top so you dont even have to dig. I hit the cap every week and have some left over which has built up into a nice stockpile if they ever decide to drop the cap I'll be at my computer for hours entering codes lol.

Anonymous said...

I also recommend waiting for Christmas because they do great deals on Christmas which is nice. Just have to be patient for your Christmas presents Coca Cola is kind of enough to offer. They are nice enough to offer stuff for supporting their business. Plus I'm giving codes all the time by others.