Thursday, July 30, 2015

Try Spidertech for free via rebate offer (Walmart)

Got bad knees, joint pain, or back pain?  I saw this offer on TV and thought I'd share that you can try Spidertech for free via a mail in rebate.  You will need to enter your name, email, and reason why you are interested in a free trial via rebate.  They send you an email and you confirm your registration.  Then purchase at a participating retailer (Walmart is one) and submit your rebate form, which is provided in the page that loads after you confirm your registration.  The offer ends at the end of August, so be sure to get it before then.


Anonymous said...

I bit on the 'free trial', and was only able to buy the product on Not only did they not allow me to rebate more than one item, they denied it because they did not accept the online receipt (Wal Mart was out of the product in stores). I think this 'free trial' is a scam.

Caren Haug said...

I am very sorry that you've had a bad experience! As a couponing refunder from way back, I advise you to contact the company directly via social media. I have found many times that companies farm out their refund handling to a separate company and do want to know if there are issues so that they may address them.

In general, posts on social media are handled quickly. You could try: and let them publicly know about your experience. You could alternately try calling the company directly. If you have received a rejection you do not feel you deserve and feel you met the terms of their offer, definitely follow up with them. Let me know how it works out!