Saturday, February 07, 2009

Staples' new ink cartridge return policy - any cartridges are now welcome! Get $3 each, limit 10 per month

I was so excited to read about Staples' new ink cartridge return policy. I used to take my cartridges there and rake in a few $3 coupons, which were quite handy to use when I bought something on rebate. The last time I remember being able to do this was when I bought my fax machine (about $5 after rebate and coupons).

But then the rules changed and my ink cartridges were no longer welcome. In fact, I couldn't find anybody willing to recycle them, even without giving me a little pocket change.

So I was very excited to see that Staples is now accepting any ink cartridges! Get $3 for your ink cartridges (limit 10 per month) at Staples with rewards card. Limit 1 card per address.

Here's the link to the details of the new ink cartridge return policy at Staples.
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