Friday, June 11, 2010

Papa John's Pizza Points Rewards (earn free Pizza!)

Papa John's opened in my little town today, and according to the overworked (and hopefully overtipped) delivery boy, they were super busy all day long.  We would have ordered online; however, that option is not enabled as yet at the Papa John's site.  When it is enabled, we will definitely be taking advantage of Papa John's Papa's Points Reward Program and be well on our way to earning free pizza.

How Papa John's Papa's Points Reward Program Works

First of all, you must enroll.   This is easily done at the Papa John's site and is your first step toward earning points for those pizzas!

Next, you must order your pizza pies from your computer or via your mobile phone.  You do not earn Papa's Points by placing phone or in-person orders.  There's a reward for going high-tech! 

You will receive 1 point for every $5 spent.  If you spend $6 or more, but less than $10, you only get one point.  $10 = 2 points and so on.  25 points = free pizza.  This is a great reward program for those who order pizza every Friday (or nearly so).  We ordered two $10 pizzas, BBQ wings and a Cinnie dessert for about $35.  Had I been able to order online, that would have been an easy 7 points.

Once you reach 25 points, Papa John's emails you the free pizza code to apply when making your next order.  The free pizza is a large, 3-topping, original crust pizza.

You can earn as many free pizzas as you earn points for, provided that you redeem your points by June 30, 2011.

Aside from families, pizza loving college students may want to sign up for this offer.
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