Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel Tastes Great - My Kids Loved It!

I was recently offered samples of Shamrock Farm's Rockin' Refuel, which included vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors.  I almost declined because I am lactose intolerant and generally don't drink milk products.  However, I thought that maybe the kids would like to try some Rockin' Refuel since they love milk - especially flavored milk.  I did take a small sip of each... more on those later!

How'd Shamrock Farm's Rockin' Refuel Taste?

My 5 year old is a serious milk fiend.  If he gets a kids' meal, 99% of the time, he wants chocolate milk with it instead of pop.  He enjoyed all of the flavors and, in fact, drank 3 out of the 4 samples sent!  I allowed him to choose which he wanted to try first, assuming he'd go straight for the chocolate, but he surprised me and asked for the vanilla.  He loved it!  I took a sip and thought it tasted like a vanilla shake.

Another day, he tried the strawberry and drank it right down.  I sipped that one too and thought it tasted like milk does when you flavor it with strawberry syrup, but it was a distinct strawberry flavor and not a sugary strawberry flavor, like you'd get from a syrup.  He did finally make it to the chocolate, but it was then that his sister realized he'd drank the other two.  She liked the chocolate, as did he.  I took a small sip here too and it was delicious tasting.  Overall, the flavor of all three was extremely good.

Who would drink Shamrock Farm's Rockin Refuel?

This product would be great for kids and adults.  Drinking milk after a workout may actually boost the benefits you received from working out, according to a study.   Other than great flavor, I couldn't taste any difference in the Rockin' Refuel versus regular milk.  I thought since there was added protein and electrolytes that it would somehow taste different, but it didn't.  It is definitely a contender for parents who want to rehydrate and refuel their athletes, but don't always want to hand them an energy drink.

Adults could benefit from drinking Rockin' Refuel after their work out.  If the study is correct, milk may be able to give you the boost that you need to maximize the effort that you are putting into your workout routines.  In addition, women (myself included) can benefit from the extra vitamins and minerals. A 12 oz bottle of Rockin Refuel's strawberry milk contains 60% DV of calcium... what a nice way to cool down after a work out and get calcium your body needs!

No HFCS in Rockin' Refuel

What's in Shamrock Farm's Rockin' Refuel?  The better question might be what isn't.  There's no High Fructose Corn Syrup in this product and there's no artificial sweeteners.  Each 12 oz bottle ranges between 280-300 calories (chocolate is 300 calories, strawberry and vanilla are 280 calories) and more complete nutritional information is available on their site here.

Rockin' Refuel is available in leading grocery stores and convenience stores with a shelf price of around $1.39, making it an affordable on-the-go body refueling drink.  Summer is here and most of us want to slim down.  A nice chocolate milk might just be another tool to help us reach our weight loss goal!

Disclosure:  I received product information and several samples of Shamrock Farm's Rockin Refuel at no cost to me for review purposes.  This review is based upon my own family's experience with this product. The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.

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