Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ceiling fans for boys...

As you might remember, we have a huge home improvement project in a holding pattern.  We have a stack of Brazilian Cherry laminate occupying space in my living room, which is just begging to be laid.  Our daughter's room turned out really well and we need to move on to our son's room.  One of the things we also will be doing is painting his room and installing a new light fixture.  What does the poor child have for lighting in his room, you ask?

Can anyone say "Builder's Grade?"  So, aside from it giving off less than optimal light, it is kind of ugly.  What we really want to do is put a ceiling fan in for him.  Of course, it being 100+ degrees right now, the attic crawl space might not be the best space to be in right now.  So, when I do find the perfect ceiling fan for our little man, we'll hopefully be able to install it without fear of heat stroke!  I was thinking maybe something Thomas the Tank Engine themed or maybe an airplane?

 (Photo courtesy of CSN Stores)

But first thing's first, we must go through all of his toys and either give away or donate all of the toys he's outgrown.  Anything else that is broken or missing parts will get tossed.  It will be a lot of work to redecorate his room from top to bottom, but the end result will be phenomenal, I just know it.  It will also bring us closer to getting the rest of the laminate laid as well (my true goal!)

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  One link was a required link, but I am genuinely looking for a new ceiling fan for my son's room.  Therefore, the two links that feature specific ceiling fans were ones that I singled out to link to in this blog post.  I will receive compensation from CSN, the sponsor of this blog post.
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