Friday, July 02, 2010

iRazoo now gives points for recommending sites

According to a recent post in iRazoo's Facebook page:
We have added back our famous points for recommendations system! You
will now get 25 points for each website recommendation and 25 points for
each comment, for a total of 50 points for each website. We allow only 2
recommendations/comments per day, which will give you an extra 100
points per day! (This is on top of your Instant Win points!)

This means that in addition to iRazoo's treasure codes (which they have for some reason cut back on), search wins and referrals, you can now get 100 points per day for recommending and commenting.  Bear in mind that a $5 Amazon code is 3,000 points, so it should be easy to rack up points to get an Amazon code a month, at least.

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