Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunshine Kids Super Mat Review

I recently received a Sunshine Kids Super Mat to review and used the product under the booster seat of my son's seat in my minivan.  He sits in a captain's chair.

  • Easy to clean.  It wiped clean when I cleaned the car today. 
  • It didn't move.  We went all the way to PA and back and the Super Mat didn't move one inch from where I put it.  
  • Gripping action.  It grips my son's car seat, while providing seat dent avoidance.  Car seats leave awful marks in cars!
  • Pockets in the front.  There's a little storage in the front.  Good for crayons, matchbox toys or even a smaller McDonald's toys.  I would definitely not recommend it for crayon storage in this heat!
  • Covers the seat.  The Super Mat covers your seat rather well, except for one area, which I will discuss in the cons section.  
  • Affordable price.  It is priced around $15.  I highly recommend to people who trade their cars in frequently and have small kids.  Protecting your seat might just get you a higher trade in value.
  • Color choice.  I have only seen it in black and I would like to see it in more colors -- hot pink would go over great with a girl.
  • Toward the back crease of the seat (when you have the Super Mat installed) you will notice that there is a U shaped channel (see photo here).  Though the product is designed to protect your seat from car seat dents in seats, I do wish there was a way to narrow that channel.  I assume that it is so wide to accommodate different kids of seat belts, but even a zipper of some sort to narrow the channel would be an added benefit because it would help keep crumbs and such off the seat.

I really like this product.  The Super Mat grips my son's booster seat and I feel a bit safer with it on there, to be honest.  It could be because I had a minivan totaled (with us all in it!) less than one year ago.  Since then, I'm even more vigilant about safety in the car.  I also know from first hand experience that insurance adjusters are very nitpicky about car condition and will ding you for every little stain when valuing your car.  Seat protection from spills and marks helps your car retain the highest value possible.

Disclosure:  Sunshine Kids provided me with a complimentary Super Mat for review purposes.  I was not compensated to make this blog post and the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.
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