Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tired from shopping! Tax free weekend was like Christmas shopping!

I hate shopping in stores the day after Thanksgiving, not to mention really close to Christmas.  People are just all over and you can't get a cart in edgewise.  It was the same thing for me today when we went to Richmond to shop the back-to-school sales at Target during our the tax free weekend. 

In the end, I think we did OK.  The kids got mostly shirts and shorts since we won't need pants until later in the fall and they're growing like weeds, so I don't want to buy jeans for them just yet.  Their lists weren't bad... definitely lighter than they have been in past years.  Though my husband is confounded as to why 5 boxes of freezer bags was on my kindergartener's list.  Doing the math at 25 kids per class, basing that on at least 30 bags per box and he's wondering just what they are going to do with nearly 4,000 baggies?  That's nearly a bag a day per kid for 180 days.  But I digress!  At least there wasn't a massive amount of dry erase markers on the list this year (none at all), so maybe that isn't so bad. 

The back-to-school things at the Target we went to were looking pretty picked over in some things.  I saw lots of empty containers and they were putting out merchandise while we were shopping too. Most things were very cheap, though if you are looking for primer pencils, you might want to try an office supply store.  I found a 4 pack of Ticonderoga primer pencils for just under 3 bucks per pack at Office Max.  These were much more at Target.  I found them at Staples the list time I had a kindergartener and in case you don't know what a primer pencil is, it is nothing more than a big, fat pencil!  The packs we got came with a pencil sharpener that could accommodate the bulkier pencil, so no worries there.  We needed 12 of those things, so 9 bucks for pencils.  I've been told that kids can hold them better, but honestly, my son has been doodling just fine with the regular No. 2's for years!
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