Thursday, September 02, 2010

PowerSox - GoldToe Kids EZ Match socks review (boys and girls)

I recently contacted PowerSox to ask whether they would be willing to send me some of their PowerSox EZ Match Socks for kids.  They graciously sent me a 3 pack of both boys and girls socks to fit my 5 and 9 year old.  These socks were sent to me for free by the company and I receive no compensation for posting this review.  Though they were free to me to try, the opinions stated herein are my own (or my kids').

PowerSox Gold Toe:  Kids EZ Match

To be honest, I hate matching socks.  I have (literally) a laundry basket half-full at all times.  I mate the ones that don't all blend together, and when the basket gets full enough (or people start whining about a lack of socks), then I match them.  I just detest matching and I know I really should keep up with it, but who wants to lay every white sock out and determine a) gender and b) size?  Is it my 9 year old's sock or mine?  Is that ankle sock a boy sock or a girl sock? Or worse:  Does that sock even fit anymore?

The gold bands make it so easy to mate.  My daughter's socks are a larger size, so she has 3 bands.  My son's younger, so his only have two.  Now I can tell at a glance whose socks are whose!  For people who have a house full of boys of varying ages, this can come in handy.  I remember my aunt mating my uncle and cousin's socks and looking for a big old "J" for Junior.  I guess mating socks wasn't a chore she enjoyed either!  She'd written "J's" on the tops of all of his socks so she could mate socks more easily.  I'm thinking that gold bands are easier (and more aesthetically pleasing!)

PowerSocks EZ Match Socks:  Style and Sizing

If you take a look at the picture above, you can see that the girl socks are definitely stylish.  The gold bands, which aren't seen when you are wearing shoes, are actually cute and stylish!  The boys socks that I received are the standard whites that boys just naturally gravitate too once they are big boys and not babies.  

I really loved the boys socks because they were so roomy.  My soon was blessed with tree trunks for feet.  I could probably color him green for Halloween because he has what I call "Hulk feet."  They're extra wide and thick!  Once he hit about age two, it was impossible to find footed jammies to accommodate his large feet.  So when I asked about a complimentary package to try, I asked up front about whether or not they would fit his big feet.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the PowerSocks EZ Match Socks fit his feet quite well, without being snug in the least.  This is a huge thing since he likes to wear socks to bed and I know that his feet are getting enough circulation because these socks aren't too tight.

Though my daughter liked the socks, she did think they were just a tad too big when she first tried them on.  She says they fit better now, so maybe they shrunk just a tiny bit.  She really liked the orange, red and white striped pair.  Best of all, the gold bands mean she can sort her own socks!

Other things I note about these PowerSox EZ Match Socks

I did notice some slight pilling on my son's socks when these came out of the dryer, but I didn't have the pills on my daughter's socks.   I imagine a lot of running around might make the fabric get those little pills, but I am not overly worried about this since the socks are well made.  The boys socks are thick enough that I am also not worried about them being worn out before they're outgrown.

Having tried these socks in my home, would I actually buy them? Yes! I have a very hard time finding socks for my son's XW feet and I really liked these socks, both based on quality and also the ability to mate them.  I'd also buy them for my daughter because they are a quality sock.

Disclosure:  I received these socks at no cost to me for review purposes.  I did not receive compensation to make this blog post review and the opinions stated herein are 100% my own or based on comments from my children.  Thank you to PowerSox for providing me with a quality product to review here on Making Ends Meet!
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