Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordy Wednesday update: Through Series A books from Stepping Stones Together

We've made it through all of the Series A books from Stepping Stones Together.  The fun part has been having him pick out his sight words from school, since some do appear in the books.  I can only hope that as the school year progresses, he'll already know a lot of words from our time spent reading together. 

Once we completed Series A, he knew immediately that meant that he got the B books.  He'd already been begging me for some B books since he could see the menu on the screen, only they didn't unlock until I got all the way through the A's and had checked them off as complete on the screen.  He was so excited when I printed off the certificate showing that he'd completed all of the books in Stepping Stones Together's Series A.  He was literally jumping up and down he was so excited.

He chose two B books right away and we began walking our way through and reading them.  They're a little harder - there are two sentences per page, but they still do repetition.   He still asks for two books at a time though.  I think that be because when we read books this summer, we would read 8-10 at one sitting.  He is simply used to reading in bulk.

One thing that we did do before moving on to the B Series of books was to go back through a good number of the A ones.  We read 1-2 out of each group and I singled out the ones he hadn't quite memorized by rote.  He did well and missed only a few words.  I covered some of the pictures to see if he still knew what was written and asked him to point to certain words for me.  Which word is "can"?  I would ask.  He pointed right to it.  "Can" showed up on this week's sight word list, so I guess that is one he doesn't have to learn before Friday.

Yesterday, one activity he had for homework was to read something with me, but to play detective.  He had to point out his sight words in the text for me.  We read his High Five magazine.  One sentence in the story was "Can I play?" which he nailed!  Two were sight words from school and all were words he was used to seeing in Stepping Stones' Series A books.  He was so proud of himself for reading a whole sentence. 

This blog post is part of a series of posts that I am doing about my experience with Stepping Stones Together.  Please check back each Wednesday for a Wordy Wednesday post and catch up on past weeks' progress by reading the posts tagged "Stepping Stones Together".
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