Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 point Pampers Gift To Grow (new one)

There's a new 10 point Pampers Gifts to Grow code out again... try Pampersgtg10pts for 10 points!  Also, their rewards catalog is down for maintenance 10/24 - 10/29, so let's hope there will be new rewards in there once it is back up and running.

No guarantees, but you could try these codes that I have entered this month.  Some may still be valid (the Facebook one should definitely still work):

   Promotion Code   PAMPERSGTG10PTS   10 points
  Promotion Code   PAMPERS4MOMSOND   10 points
   Promotion Code   2BEGINEARNING50   50 points
  Promotion Code   GIFTSTOGROW4MOM   50 points
   Promotion Code   10PTSFREECODE4U   10 points
  Promotion Code   JOINNOW4REWARDS   50 points
   Promotion Code   FACEBOOKOCT2010   10 points

If any come up dead, please leave a comment to let others know.
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