Monday, October 04, 2010

Product Review: Corelle Country Cottage Teapot from CSN Stores

I mentioned a while back that I was perusing the Corelle section at CSN Stores and came across a nice looking tea pot that matched my pattern.  I did end up ordering it to replace my other worn out Corelle teapot.  Other than it matching my dishes, I bought it mainly because of its size, which was advertised at 80 ounces - quite large for a tea pot.

Country Cottage Tea Pots - two available at CSN Stores

I found two Country Cottage tea pots for sale at CSN Stores and had to make a decision between the two.  There was a smaller Country Cottage teapot, but it was markedly smaller.  See side-by-side below.

You'll note that the price was fairly close, but the capacity was quite different.  Here's where it gets interesting... the larger whistling teapot isn't actually 80 ounces.  This was a bit of a disappointment.  It wasn't until the product arrived that I looked at it and thought, boy that sure is small for 80 ounces!  Sure enough, I asked my husband how to make Google do some math for me.... and being the Google wizard/brilliant computer engineer that he is, he clued me in.  2.2 quarts is actually 70.4 ounces.

You lose a bit of capacity, too, because the fill line is just below the spout.  However, for how we use it, it is more than enough.  My husband loves to drink Lipton's Bed Time Story tea to wind down at night and likes to drink tea especially when he is sick with a cold.

One nice feature of the tea pot is that it actually whistles.  Our older tea pot did not have this feature and I can't tell you how many times I forgot about the tea pot without the audio cue!  I actually started setting the timer on the stove for about 5 minutes so I wouldn't forget it.  The whistle isn't high pitched, but is not so annoying you hate it, but enough to get your attention. 

In addition, I have had my older Corelle Country Cottage tea pot for several years.  This newer teapot feels much more sturdy than my old one, so I have no reason to believe that it won't last for many, many years.  The inside is metal, which I thought was a good thing since my old tea pot was calcified and was actually starting to lose the finish on the inside.

Though the tea pot was not quite as advertised, we are still pleased.  If you would like to check out CSN Stores' Corelle offerings, please click here.  They do have several patterns and items such as the tea pot make your set more complete, not to mention they make nice gifts for friends or family if you happen to know their pattern.

Disclosure:  CSN Stores provided me with a gift certificate to purchase items for review from their stores.  I chose a Corelle tea pot, which was shipped to me, paid for with part of the gift certificate.  The opinions stated herein are my own or are based upon my family member's experience with the product.  I did alert CSN to the incorrect capacity with regard to this tea pot.
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