Friday, October 15, 2010

Review of Fox Run Craftsmen Thermal Gravy Boat from CSN Stores

I recently ordered a Fox Run Craftsmen Thermal Gravy Boat from CSN Stores.  I have been needing a gravy boat for quite some time.  To be honest, I don't ever remember owning a proper gravy boat in the whole time that I've been married (14 years).  We have always just used our Pyrex measuring cup because it was reheatable and had a pour spout.  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, and not wanting to look cheesy for another year with the family for not having a decent gravy boat for turkey gravy, I decided to take the plunge and trade up from my Pyrex into something that would look classy and elegant on the dinner table.

I chose this particular gravy boat because of the description:

Take note of the "Chrome construction" part of the description.  What they really meant was faux chrome or plasticized chrome.  The picture I viewed on the website made me think that it was actual chrome when, in fact, when it arrived I quickly realized that it wasn't.  To tick off the features, it was a gravy boat, it did have a stainless liner, it did hold 14 ounces (I put about two cups of gravy in it) and the dimensions seem correct.  Chrome construction? Not a chance.

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.  I will need to handle my Fox Run Craftsmen Thermal Gravy Boat with kid gloves to make sure that it doesn't break.  The base snagged  on my table cloth and though it seemed to have a wide enough base to offer stability, it is plastic and therefore quite light.  I can easily picture it being knocked over on the dinner table.  Frequent washing will likely cause the "finish" to come off or at least degrade it in such a fashion that it will not look as nice.  I foresee lots of scuffs at the very least.

Overall, I was not pleased with the product.  Fox Run does sell a white gravy boat via CSN Stores for $10.  That I expected to be plastic.  However, considering the "chrome construction" item I selected instead for $19.99, I was definitely expecting a better quality product.

Disclosure:  As a Preferred Blogger with CSN Stores, I received a gift code which enabled me to make this purchase for the purposes of review.  I did alert CSN to the inaccurate description of the product prior to writing this review.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.
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