Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walmart to sell iPads (starting Friday, select stores...)

iPads are going to be hitting the shelves at a Walmart near you, according to an article I read over at MacWorld.  This is interesting to me mainly because my engineer hubby would totally love an iPad, being the geek (and I mean that in a loving way) that he is.  Ever since I've known him, he's loved computers and though you wouldn't necessarily think of a tablet as a computer, that is just what it is.  The down side: 

The iPad being sold in Walmarts won't have 3G - it will be the standard 16 GB wi-fi only for the Apple standard price of $500.  Having a B&N nook, I must say, 3G is a sweet capability to have and to me, the whole point of a tablet is to take it with you... in this respect, I think Walmart dropped the ball.  At least offer two versions so that you have a clear cut definitive choice in the matter.  While making an iPad available at Walmarts will definitely get foot traffic in to see the device, those who are more mobile will want the 3G and will leave disappointed.
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