Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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As a mom, I'm mostly responsible for what my kids watch on TV.  I usually let my kids watch what they want after school and on weekends, provided that I feel it is appropriate viewing.  My kids love the Disney Channel, but I don't always love the shows.  Take for instance iCarly, which features a character "Sam" who lies all the time.  I don't want my daughter aspiring to be "cool" like her and lying all the time to avoid getting into trouble (or worse, getting your friends into trouble.).  My son likes cartoons in general and likes to watch shows like Chuggington, which teaches problem solving skills.  He'll soon be out of the pre-school programming, though.  He's already less enthused with many Disney shows.  It is only a matter of time before he'll soon be wanting to watch more grown up shows too.

I would love to see more classic TV.  The Brady Bunch was pretty squeaky clean and wholesome.  It didn't discuss controversial topics best left to parents to discuss with their own children.  I would truly love to have more of the shows that I grew up on available for my kids to watch.  I often feel like shows nowadays are too progressive for me, but in subtle way.  This could be as simple as an off-hand comment by a TV character about her "two uncles".  Suddenly a show that I had no issues with --- a safe show to leave them to watch while I go prepare dinner -- becomes one I feel I have to monitor more closely.

It is so important to have input into the programming shown on TV and to let companies know what you want to see in that programming.  Joining Charter Moms Facebook page and responding to discussions does just that.  They want to know what kind of shows you want your children to see on TV.   Joining Charter Moms also means that you'll be among the first to know about Charter's new programming and services, something very nice to know if you happen to be a subscriber.

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