Thursday, January 13, 2011

Custom Promotional Pens from Amsterdam Printing

A nice, affordable way that many businesses promote themselves is by offering custom promotional pens.  Have you ever been able to turn down a free pen?  I can't!  Giving away pens not only makes the recipient thankful for a freebie, it also keeps the business name in a potential client or customer's mind.  Every time you dig through your purse to find a pen and pull up one with a business name on it, you've just given them face time.  It's advertising that just keeps on giving.

For a sharp, sophisticated look, you can opt for a laser engraved promotional pen.  I like the way these look with the engraving, which can be engraved with your logo as well as your business name.  They come in a variety of colors, which should suit most businesses.  You can create a pen with your name on it, even if you aren't a business.  That option appeals to me too since sometimes you just like your own writing utensils.  I once worked at a place where one employee was extremely particular about pens.  She had her own and hid them when we had to ride her desk to cover the phones because she didn't want anyone using her pens.

Overall, pens make a great promotional tool.  Amsterdam Printing offers a variety of pens that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Disclosure:  Per FTC rules, I disclose that this post was brought to you by your friends at Amsterdam Printing.
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