Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple steps for making life easier: breaking down cleaning into manageable lists #SimplyOrange

This post is brought to you by Simply Orange via SocialMoms.  I was asked to blog about simple changes for the new year.

I'm no June Cleaver.  I don't like to clean, but I abhor clutter and messes.  Not a great combination!  For the new year, I've decided that I need to make my cleaning chores more manageable and I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I can do to make my life easier by not having so many tasks hanging over my head. 

Simple change:  Group chores I don't like together and get them over with early in the day.

I don't want to spend the day dreading having to do a chore.  In stead, a simple change that I will make is to make myself do those chores I hate early in the day.  I'll group them together so that they are both done at the same time.  For instance, I don't like having to clean the bathrooms.  So instead of cleaning just the one that needs it really bad (usually the kids' bathroom), I'll focus on doing them both at the same time.

Simple Change:  Establish a cleaning schedule

I'm going to establish a cleaning schedule and do my best to stick with it.  This way, "I'll do it tomorrow" doesn't end up being virtually never!  Certain chores will need to be done daily (like cleaning the kitchen or doing the dishes), but overall, there are many chores that can be done just a few times a week.  Since we laid laminate in our living and dining area (one room to go!), I notice more of the daily crumbs that tend to accumulate.  Before, I would run the vacuum once or twice a week, but now I'm sweeping the floors more often (and that's a good thing).

Simple Change:  Delegate chores to the kids

I like things done a certain way, so I generally am the one to clean just about everything in the house.  However, I do plan to make life a bit easier by having my daughter, 9, help more with basic chores.  I hate folding laundry, but she'll gladly do it for me if I offer an incentive (money).  My 5 year old can run a dust mop and really, do these things need to be done perfectly?  No.  Letting them help me reinforces the fact that we are a family unit.  Mom isn't everyone's maid.  She's a member of the family and you help your family when they need help.

Taking these simple changes to heart will help me immensely in the new year as I look forward to floating my resume out there and (hopefully) securing employment.  I won't have time to do everything once I start work, so now is the time to plan ahead by effecting these changes in my life now.

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