Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Find Activities for Your Children at ActivityTree.com

This post is brought to you by your friends at ActivityTree.com.

Summer and spring mean activities for kids who are tired of being cooped up over the long winter.  Physical activity is so important to kids for many reasons, including one plaguing kids these days:  obesity.  I can honestly say my kids aren't overweight, and even more honestly I will tell you that I have flat out asked my kids' pediatrician if he/she thought my children were getting too heavy.  My 6 year old has a bit of a pudge on his belly, which I was assured was normal for his age.  He fits proportionally into his growth chart, so I was relieved to know that.  I hope the doctor appreciates my frank question.  I figure if I bring up the subject, they won't be hesitant to do so for fear of offending me.   

"Mom, I'm bored!" might be something you hear from your kids.  I hear it from mine!  But we live in a somewhat rural county and finding things to do can be pretty hard.  I find out about some activities via word of mouth, but another resource that I can use is ActivityTree.com.  ActivityTree.com is committed to fighting childhood obesity.  They promote kid’s active bodies and minds by providing the nation’s largest online parent resource for kid’s lessons, classes and camps. Just plug in your zip code and see what activities are available in your area.  There's contact information, links, maps and descriptions of activities for over 18,000 providers.  

Are you into Facebook?  The Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign helps parents get their kids active through social media.  Become a fan of ActivityTree and find and share activities in your area with your friends by passing the "Get Kids Active!" sticky note to your friends.  Sounds kind of like passing notes in high school.  Friends share, so why not share an link to an activity that your friends' children might enjoy too. 

Financial need?  ActvityTree.com offers "Get Kids Active!" Scholarships to help make kids activities and camps affordable for parents.  There are currently two ways to enter to win a scholarship and they are:

 Visit ActivityTree.com's Kid's Scholarships page 

Visit ActivityTree's Facebook page and click on the Scholarships tab

      Now's the time to plan!  Spring is the ideal time to line up your summer camps and activities.  Spots fill early, so getting a head start on your research is recommended.  Get your kids active today.

      This post is brought to you by your friends at ActivityTree.com.  Please visit the sponsor for additional information and to search for activities in your area.

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