Monday, April 04, 2011

Birthday gift/present ideas for 10 year old girls...

We recently had an awesome birthday party for our daughter's 10th birthday.  She was really excited since her birthday normally falls around Easter/Spring Break, which means that not many can come to a birthday party if we hold one for her.  After a few disappointing turn outs, this year Easter's magical date is well past her birthday, so we had a great turn out at the skating birthday party we had for her this weekend.  (Note to self: avoid having children near major holidays...)  She received a lot of nice gifts and loved every one.  So if you're looking for birthday gift/present ideas for a 10 year old girl, here's a sampling of some of the gifts she received...

  • American Girl anything.  My 10 year old loves American Girl dolls, clothes, crafts, etc.  Most of her friends have multiple dolls, which are insanely expensive.  American Girl crafts are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at a variety of places, including Amazon:  American Girl crafts at Amazon
  • Handmade bracelets.  A friend of hers must have spent a long time making friendship bracelets as she got a small box just chock full of them!  I was very impressed with this gift, actually.  It showed a lot of initiative and was something hand-made just for her.
  • A DIY craft project.  Another friend gave her a bag full of paints, a wooden letter for her first name, gem stickers and glitter to decorate.  Since my daughter's favorite color is purple, that's the color that they got for her.  This DIY project was fun for her to do and also was very personal in nature.
  • Squinkies!  10 year old girls love Squinkies.  Like any collectible, they want to get them all.  These are moderately priced at about $10 for a package containing about 12 Squinkies.  These are sold by the series, so in order to collect them all, you'll need to buy them serially.  You can even buy bracelets to attach the Squinkies and wear them as a fashion statement.
  • Zoobles!  Like Bakugan for boys, girls love their Zoobles.  Expect to have them clamoring for them all, just like my daughter did for Littlest Pet Shop.  These cute, little pets spring to life when the magnet is triggered. 
  • Not too old for Pillow Pets.  My daughter received two Pillow Pets as gifts and loves them both.  I thought that she would be too old for these, but she has been begging for one since before Christmas. Her friends have them too, so they must be very popular with this age set.
These are just a few ideas to get you started.  It can be very hard to choose a gift for a 10 year old girl and any parent that asked me what she would want for her birthday, I told them to find out what their own 10 year old girl wanted most and go from there.  

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