Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Little switches that make a difference (and a happier marriage!) #LittleSwitches

Cottonelle and SocialMoms wanted to know what little switches have I done that made a difference in my life?  Hmm.  That's a thought provoking question when I really sit down and think about it.

First of all, I have learned to sweat the small stuff less! I've been married for almost 15 years now and one little switch that I've made in the past year or so is to not beat myself to death trying to get the house clean enough for company.  My standards haven't slipped (much...) but honestly, my mother-in-law and father-in-law are great.  They don't come here with their white gloves.  So, I've adopted the one-room rule:  There's going to be one room guests can't go into and that's where I stowed most of the laundry I didn't get folded, the boxes of review items I haven't yet reviewed and the bed I didn't make.  Hubby is happier with this switch since he works hard enough as it is and coming home to a frantic freakout cleaning frenzy isn't his idea of fun either.

Secondly, I made the switch to a shorter hair cut within the past year.  My husband likes long hair (what guy doesn't?) and it took a little bit of work to find a length that didn't freak him out and worked for me too.  Right now, my hair is shoulder length.  Back when I had my kids, my hair was quite long (most of the way down my back).  Frankly, I got tired of shutting it in the car door or rolling it up in the window!  Plus, I'm not getting any younger.  I truly believe that once you start sprouting the gray you have two options:  cut your hair shorter or get out the hair dye.  I opted for a shorter cut.  I really like it - it doesn't take all day (and half the night) for my hair to air dry now.

Me with shorter hair - petting the good kitty :)

Finally, I type this with the radio blaring in the background and the television off.  I used to be addicted to news, specifically Fox News.  I would have it on all day running in the background.  News stations typically report on negative news and it was depressing.  I can remember when the stock market was tanking daily and they had the graphic of the Dow in the corner.  All day long I was hearing about how it was going down, then up a little, then back down... meanwhile, I'm mentally picturing my nest egg shrinking.  So, I made a conscious decision to watch a lot less news.  I still tune in occasionally, but more often then not, my husband is the one who turns on the TV when he comes home after his long day at work.  Cutting out that negativity has made me more productive and less pessimistic about the fate of the world these days.  You know the old saying, "Ain't nobody happy if mama isn't happy" ?  Well, cutting out negative news makes me a happier, calmer mom and wife. 

What little switches have you made in your life that have made a difference?  I'd be interested to know!  We plan to include more walks after dinner and less computer time.  I already try to log off by 9 PM and reclaim some together time before bed, while the kids are sleeping quietly.  Life is as complicated as we allow ourselves to make it.  Little changes every now and then can help us get back on track to a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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