Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medicare: Saving money by picking up supplemental insurance

Medicare is broken and is in sore need of reform. I worry about my parents, most especially.  I have years to go until I retire and I can only hope and pray that Medicare and the other social welfare programs get back on an even keel.  I can't imagine having to choose between food on the table and medical needs, but I know people who are faced with this very sad choice.  It's heart breaking.  They are searching for ways to cut their costs so that they can eat well and live well in their retirement.

One way that you can help save money is to research health insurance for seniors.  Picking up a supplemental plan might just actually save money.  This is similar to something that we did a few years ago when we knew we had some larger dental bills on the horizon.  We picked up a supplemental plan that actually saved us a few hundred dollars that year.  Sometimes spending money actually saves you money.  There are ten medigap plans to choose from, so there's flexibility to choose the plan that fits your medical needs the best.

Our nation will have to make sacrifices, I think, in order to overhaul the health care system.  The sacrifices that we make, however, aren't as great as those of our fighting men and women who often return from war suffering from PTSD.  Stress Project aims to reach out to our veterans to help them to heal.  Any plan to overhaul the health care system should focus on providing our veterans with top notch care.

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