Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The pain of expired coupons...

I am growing weary of doctor visits of late and today was no picnic.  My 6 year old popped some hives, which likely were caused by the antibiotic he was on for strep and two infected fingers (which is why you should not bite your fingernails, but I digress...)  The antihistamine I rushed to the store to buy last night didn't work and his hives were even larger and redder this morning:

erythema multiforme

Basically, my six year old popped a skin reaction to his antibiotic and had red, raised lesions with a white center (think Cheerios).  This meant a trip to town and the pediatrician and we came away with a pediatric prednisone medicine.  When she handed me the Rx savings card for $30 off, I had a feeling it was going to be expensive.  Thankful for her sensitivity to the fact that I'm not a multi-billionaire, I accepted the coupon with sincere gratitude.  When I went to fill the prescription, however, the coupon was expired by just a few days.  What a bummer.  $65 you say?  Well, he needs it, so go ahead and fill it.

I'm happy to report that the medicine seems to be working.  He's not scratching like a dog with fleas (as much), so I'm hoping that we can avoid another costly week medical-wise.  Last week was strep (times two), now compounded with the allergic reaction.  I just need a week off from rushing to the doctor, please!
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