Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clairol Facebook Freebie 5/14 at noon Eastern: Get a box of Natural Insticts Vibrant


My other 5/12 post dealt with a Facebook freebie for Clairol on 5/13, which has since passed. However, the Clairol Facebook Freebie is actually Friday/Saturday, so if you missed out yesterday at noon, be sure to stop back at the Clairol page today at noon to get your free box of Natural Instincts Vibrant!

From Clairol's Facebook page update of yesterday:
Today’s coupons for a free box of NEW Natural Instincts Vibrant or Natural Instincts have been claimed, but you know what? Tomorrow’s a new, radiant day! Come back to our Natural Instincts tab at 12pm EDT tomorrow for another chance. We obviously had an overwhelming response today so we'll be improving the experience to better handle the volume.
 Here's the link to click today at noon:
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