Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Earn Gas Cards With Kelloggs' Passport to Adventure (SMPs)

Going to the gas pump doesn't have to hurt as bad when you participate in Kelloggs' Passport to Adventure.  Purchase specially marked packages (SMPs) of Kellogg's products with Passport to Adventure Codes on them and then bank them toward great rewards such as gas cards.  I received an email late last week with a free code inside.  We purchase many of the Kellogg's products listed on their participating products list, including Eggos, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and more.  For a full list, see this link.


Bank your codes and then select these prizes when your account has enough codes to redeem for them:
  • 1 point = Cars Themed Screensaver
  • 3 points = Cars Themed Spy Pen
  • 4 points = $5 Gas Card
  • 4 points = $5 Concession Cash
  • 6 points = Cars Themed Pocket Translater
  • 8 points = Cars Themed Soccer Ball

Of note: 

The $5 Gas Cash is a Visa prepaid card.  This can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa and does not need to be used for gas per se.  You cannot use at at the pump.  If using for gas, you'd need to go into the cashier, tell them you wanted $5 worth of gas (about 1 gallon!) and then pre-pay with the Visa Card.  

There is a maximum of 30 codes that can be entered per account; however, there is a limit of 5 of the same item being redeemed, so you would only be allowed to claim five $5 gas cards (5 x 4 points = 20 points.)  That would leave you room for two more concession cashes or a soccer ball.  Please read their full rules available at the Passport to Adventure site.
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