Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giveaways ending soon - some are low entries (under 100 comments)

I've got many giveaways ending soon that have low entries (curse Blogger!) and I hope you'll take the time to enter to win these great items...

Reach and Rembrandt dental products - This giveaway has 91 entries and closes 5/22.  Up for grabs:  an assortment of Reach and Rembrandt dental products similar to what I received for review. 

Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring -  At just 46 entries, this outdoor toy could be yours if you enter to win it!  It flies straight and cuts through air like butter!  Good fun for the kids (and you) in the back yard.  This giveaway also ends on 5/22. 

Conair YouStyle 2-in-1 brush -  Currently at just 88 entries, the Conair YouStyle 2-in-1 brush is something you don't want to miss out on.  The lever allows you to change the shape of the brush from flat to curved and back again, depending on your styling needs.  Enter to win it before the giveaway closes on 5/22.

Camelbak Water Bottle - Enter to win a random Camelbak water bottle, as selected at Sponsor's discretion.  This giveaway stands at only 78 entries right now, so be sure to enter to win before this one closes on 5/22.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion -  Win a bottle of Skin MD's Natural Shielding Lotion.  Hypoallergenic, this lotion is light and not greasy at all.  Read my review and enter to win some yourself - there's only 28 entries thus far and this giveaway closes on 5/21.

scunci bendinis - Add a splash of color to your hair with scunci bendinis.  These can be used for up-dos, for kids, and for adults.  There are many styles to choose from at stores, which sell scunci bendinis for approximately $5 each.  By the way, one winner will win both an adult and child bendinis.  Enter to win this giveaway today - there are only 87 entries right now and this giveaway closes on 5/20.

Math Blaster 3 month subscription - Don't miss out on this awesome subscription to Math Blaster.  I can hardly believe there are only 25 entries because my kids love it!  Fun and educational, Math Blaster can help your child master math in a fun and engaging way. 
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