Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swag Bucks' Tornado Relief Drive

Not long after Swag Bucks wrapped up their Japan Earthquake drive, they launched a Tornado Relief one to benefit Americans affected by the recent tornadoes that have wrecked the lives of so many.  Devastation is seen throughout many states, particularly in the south.  A blogging friend of mine was affected and several had near misses.  It breaks their hearts to see their neighbors a few streets over having to start all over again, while they are eternally grateful to have been missed.

Could you spare a few Swag Bucks to support Swag Bucks' Tornado Relief?  I'll be donating and I hope that you will too.  Charity begins at home and donating Swag Bucks is an easy thing to do, particularly if your own funds are low to donate to relief agencies.  Swag Bucks will make a monetary donation to the United Way of Western Alabama.  Donations of Swag Bucks will be accepted through 5/31 through 12 PM Pacific time.  Please see the donation page at Swag Bucks for more information and to make your own donation today.
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