Thursday, June 16, 2011

Extreme Penny Pinching - What are you doing to the extreme?

I ran across this interesting montage of Penny Pinching stories over at CNN Money.  Some were quite interesting!  One penny pincher has joined over 70 birthday clubs to save money.  I don't think I've joined quite that many, but I have joined a few dozen at least.

One frugal thing I do happen to do to save money are to vacuum my furnace filters because they're so expensive and hard to find.  Since you're supposed to change them every month or so, I do save tons of money there.  With pets in the house, they clog up faster, so a very light vacuuming helps stretch their utility.   Since they cost about $10 per filter, a light vacuuming might save me $40-60 per year by not just throwing them out when they're dirty.

Stopping by the dry cleaner on a Wednesday saves bucks too.  3 for 2 on Wednesday can save me $7 easily. 

Like the vacuum cleaner guy, I do have a friend who scans the books at Goodwills with an eye for specialty books that can be re-sold online for far more than the quarter that they cost her.  One man's trash is definitely another's treasure!

What types of Penny Pinching tactics are you using to save some green? 
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