Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Painting the porch, also known as "stimulating the local economy"

I've been a bit busy recently with the chore of repainting my front porch.  I scraped, used the heat gun, sanded and then finally got to a point where I could paint.  We had gotten a can of primer and I spent a few hours painting that coat on.  When it was finally dry, I figured it was time for a top coat and then I'd be finished, able to finally cross this off the list (and then be able to confidently mention some unfinished jobs my husband had piling up without guilt). 

Curses! Something brown is bleeding through.
It didn't cover and so I went back to the hardware store, cautioning the paint guy that I only wanted to do one more coat of primer so whatever he recommended had to cover whatever didn't get covered the first time around.  He handed me a can of Kilz and sent me on my way.  The second coat of primer goes on, yet feels tacky, so I waited a few days to be sure that it would be dry (and in between had a job interview, so I was careful to avoid painting lest I show up "looking like a farmhand" as one of my friends so eloquently put it!) and then completed the job yesterday afternoon.

The top coat went on, but some things still bled through, even after two coats of primer.  To say I was a bit perturbed is an understatement.  So obviously, we'll have to paint again and hopefully find something that will cover any thing that even thinks of bleeding through.  To add insult to injury, the taped off parts had tape adhesive baking on and now I'll have to find something to get that off the porch columns.  This means back to the hardware store - again - to see what I can use to get that off the plastic parts without damage.
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