Monday, June 20, 2011

A TV Stand For Your Bedroom?

Mission Oak TV Stand
I've been giving some thought to some clutter solutions for my bedroom.  We have a larger TV and right now, it sits atop our armoire.  It's a huge space hog in my mind and takes away from places for me to display things like jewelry boxes or even an accessory lamp.

My husband has been playing his video games in our bedroom lately too and now I'm wondering if we should start looking seriously at TV stands.   Since our bedroom furniture is oak, we'd have to match it to the existing bedroom furniture by looking specifically at an oak TV stand to suit our tastes, needs, and space requirements.  With our bedroom furniture being a King sized bed and other bulky furniture, we would definitely need to look only at items that aren't bulky or wide since we already are running a bit short on space in there already.

Corner Entertainment Center
Since space is at a premium, that means we'd need to consider a corner entertainment center.   Storage is a huge concern for us, so we'd have to have something that would allow us to discreetly hide videos, games, and other game related things. 

I like the style of this one to the left, though I'd need it in a lighter shade of oak.  There is room enough on the bottom for game systems, storage on either side for games and such, plus some room on top for knick-knacks.

Do you have an entertainment center or TV stand in your bedroom?  I typically wouldn't think about buying Living Room/Family Room furniture for a bedroom, but sometimes it is good to think outside of the box for creative solutions.

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