Thursday, July 28, 2011

August 5, 6, 7: List of states having sales tax free weekends on back-to-school gear

August is looming and for me that means that my state's tax free holiday for back-to-school purchases is also on the horizon!  There are several states that are holding their own tax free holidays this year during the first weekend in August and thanks to's site, I've compiled a list. 

August 5-7:  Alabama --  Get clothing ($100 or less per item) school supplies ($50 or less per item), and even computers ($750 or less), without paying sales tax during this event.  Local taxes may still apply, so check for your locality here.  For more information, including links to the exempt/non-exempt list, go to

August 5-7: Virginia --  My state offers tax free exemption to certain school supplies costing $20 or less and qualifying clothing and footwear costing $100 or less.  More information can be found at

August 5-7:  Tennessee -- Those in the Volunteer State will enjoy tax free savings on clothing and school supplies $100 or less and computers costing $1,500 or less.  See for a list of exempt items and other restrictions.

August 5-7:  South Carolina -- Live in SC?  Other than clothing, school supplies, and computers, you can also stock up on diapers tax free August 5-7.   Their list of exempt items is, by far, the most generous one I've seen.  Get more details here:

August 5-7:  New Mexico -- Shoes must cost less than $100 to qualify; computers must cost $1,000 or less; and school supplies are capped at $15 per item to be sales tax exempt.  See more details, including the exemption list, at

August 5-7:  Missouri -- Be sure to check their site to verify that your county/city is participating, as not everyone is.  The caps are $100 for clothing, $50 per purchase for school supplies, $3,500 for computers/computer peripherals, and $350 for computer software.  See more information at

August 6-8:  North Carolina --  Clothing, footwear, and school supplies costing $100 or less are exempt, as are computers $3,500 or less (computer supplies are capped at $250 to qualify).  See more details here:

August 5-6:  Iowa -- Iowa's sales tax holiday is only on select clothing and footwear costing $100 or less.  The sale does not including Sunday, so be sure to get your shopping done before then.  Please visit for more information.

Plan ahead for your own state's tax free weekend or determine whether a road trip is worth it.  If you live close to Delaware, they enjoy no sales tax every day. 
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