Saturday, July 30, 2011

Borders clearance: 20-40% right now

We stopped into Borders today to check out their clearance.  Mind you, 20-40% off isn't "that" great of a deal since we typically would go in to purchase specific books when I would get a special coupon in my email.  However, since Fredericksburg would essentially be without a bookstore for a while, we wanted to just make sure that if Borders did have a book we wanted/would want, that we would be able to grab it now before we were left in the dust.

The kids got a few books and the DK Readers/Early readers that were $3.99 list price came out to be $3.19 each.  Hubby found some packs of books of a favorite author at a discount, so he'll have at least six books to read before he runs out of books and needs to buy more of the series. 

Romance was 30% off, though it was getting quite disorganized.  I couldn't find anything new of my favorite historical romance writers, so I came away empty handed.  The only thing I saw that was 40% off were BluRays.  DVDs were still 20% off.

Will Barnes & Noble come to town to help fill the gap?  I hope so!  I do have a nook, so I'd love for that to happen.
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