Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bic Pen giveaway on Facebook: 130 pens an hour for 10 hrs per day

If you're a Facebook Freebie nut, try the Bic Atlantis pen giveaway at the Bic Pen Pals page on Facebook.  Under Cork Board, that's where you'll find the ability to try to score a free pen under the promotion.  But here's some things you might need to know...
  • You'll need to Like the page first.
  • The giveaway runs through 8/30 and started yesterday.
  • There will be 300 giveaway periods during this promotion; from 10 AM - 8 PM Eastern (10 hours per day).
  • The rules did not say that the giveaway period would be on the hour.  The rules simply state that there will be a giveaway each hour.  So it could be hit or miss.  
  • The rules do state, "Limit one entry per person/email address per Giveaway Period. Limit one (1) Prize per person/e-mail address throughout the entire Promotion Period."  
No pen here... yet!  But I'll keep trying.  
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