Monday, October 10, 2011

Rock 'n Learn's Writing Strategies Review: What my 5th Grader Thought!

Rock 'n Learn DVDs are a fave in my house.  We own several and the kids like to watch them from time to time.  I was recently sent 'Writing Strategies', which is geared toward kids who are 4th grade and up.  Here's a sample clip:

I watched along with my 6 and 10 year old children.  Marko was captivating, but I got the impression my daughter would rather have been elsewhere.  However, she struggled with writing last year and has SOL exams for writing in the winter months, so I wanted to try to give her a little help.  She's not very descriptive and when we check her homework, we have to remind her to use some more adjectives.  Writing doesn't come as easily to her as it does to me, I guess!

I asked her what she thought and she said that she learned some new things, but thought it was kind of babyish.  However, she did laugh at Marko's antics, like digging through the pencil box and wondering what he was going to come out with, though my son seemed to enjoy Marko a lot more.    She said, "I learned new writing strategies and what to do when you're stuck."  The sections she liked most were alliteration, personification, onomotopoeia, and the arranger.  She had me print out the .pdfs from Marko's site, so that she could take them to school with her.

What did I think?  I think she absorbed some good information, though perhaps a little reluctant.  She did say she learned some of these concepts last year, so in one sense it was a review.  She has a very good grade in writing so far this year, so we are pleased.  Perhaps she learned more from Marko than she was willing to admit.

Rock 'n Learn has many titles to supplement your child's learning.  Check out the Rock 'n Learn site to see all they have to offer. 

DISCLOSURE:  Rock 'n Learn has generously provided me with a copy of 'Writing Strategies' for the sole purpose of review at no cost to me.  The opinions are my own or are derived from my family's experience with this product.  This blog post is uncompensated.
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