Thursday, November 03, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm.... Kindle library lending available to Prime members only?

First of all, I want to preface this post with a note that I do not have a Kindle.  I actually have nook, though I have kicked around the idea of ordering a Kindle, mainly because my daughter really wants one of her own.  But imagine my surprise (Amazon is full of surprises these days) when I went to the Amazon site today and found another note plastered on the home page about the next great thing that they're bundling with a Prime Membership.  (Disclosure:  Yes, I am a Prime Member and have been for years.  Mainly because I'm a last minute Christmas shopper and Prime pays for itself in December with saved shipping costs).  They are now graciously offering a lending library option to Prime members who own Kindles.  How very kind.

What bothers me is that ALL KINDLE OWNERS deserve borrowing rights.  I'm sorry, but nook even got that.  People want to lend and borrow ebooks the same as any other real and tangible book with pages.  Libraries are moving toward lending ebooks more and more and if my library asked me to join a special club for $79 a year for the privilege, I'd probably tell them to go pound salt.  I truly hope that Kindle owners revolt.  This type of service should be one that they offer to make themselves even more competitive in the e-reader market.  It's the one sticking point that made my decision to buy a nook instead of a Kindle, truth be told!  Making it available only to people who are likely heavy Amazon users hence the justifiable $79 membership fee is just plain wrong. 
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