Friday, December 23, 2011

Doctor Who Series Six, Part Two giveaway winner

Who doesn't love Doctor Who?  Lots of fans entered to win a copy of the BBC's Doctor Who Series Six, Part Two, and I enjoyed reading which Doctor was their favorite in the comments!  I had a few lengthy explanations too - it just goes to show that we connect with fictional characters in almost the same way we would to a real life person.   I tallied up the faves and David Tennant was a clear favorite, followed closely by Tom Baker (and his odd scarves).  Matt Smith was a distant third, but his bow ties may spark a fashion craze for young folks to start wearing them due to his popularity.  Almost everyone who loved him most was enamored with the bow tie!

The winner, as selected via, was Dina.  I'll be emailing her shortly!  Thanks to all for participating.
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