Thursday, December 01, 2011

New-Skin sweepstakes: Win 1 of 3 fabulous trips

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Have you ever heard of New-Skin?  There are actually three New-Skin products in their line up.  As one who gets cuts and scrapes, these products appeal to me not only for myself, but also as a mom. 

Liquid Bandage:  This product would be ideal for cuts and scrapes.  I sometimes nick myself doing things, but don't really need a bandaid or it would be impractical since I have to get my hands wet anyway.  New-Skin's Liquid Bandage can be brushed on quickly, giving me a waterproof seal over my minor wound to help keep germs out.

Scar Fade™:   My hands definitely show that I'm a clutz.  I have one scar on my left hand from pulling off a lid off a roast, forgetting to factor in the steam factor.  Three fingers got burnt that day and to add insult to injury, the next time I cooked a roast, I did it again... same fingers.  The steam caused some blisters, and one of those actually scarred.  I worry about scars on my kids too, because they're just as clutzy as I was as kid!   It's far better to nip a scar in the bud than to let it go when it can be made to fade into the sunset.

Poison Ivy Treatment:  This is one product I never want to have to buy, to be honest.  I had an awful case a few years ago and am now really proactive about herbiciding any errant poison ivy I find in my yard.  It's great that the folks at New-Skin make this product though.  I remember being limited by choices and trying to figure out what I could try to get some relief quickly.  If you're prone to poison ivy, this might be a good product to keep in your medicine cabinet!


New-Skin Sweepstakes!

Need a change of scenery or desperately need to recharge your batteries?  The New-Skin sweepstakes has three (3) grand prizes to win including: a skiing trip to Breckenridge, Colorado; a hiking trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana (better pack their Poison Ivy Treatment!), and a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia.  Bonus:  the first 500 entrants in the sweeps will receive a New-Skin waterproof container.

Which destination would you want to win most?  Leave me a comment to let me know and if you enter the contest, leave a link to your sweepstakes page to help get yourself some clicks.

 I would love to see the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta.  I've never skiied in my life!  I'm not sure about hiking (critters scare me), but I can always stretch my wings and comfort zone if I happen to win one of those trips.  Have you ever tried a New-Skin product or would you want to try one of the ones I listed above?  Let me know that too, in the comments section.  The Liquid Bandage also comes in a spray... that would come in handy for when I prune the infernal rose bushes I have in my yard.

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