Friday, December 16, 2011

Swag Bucks' upcoming promotions on Monday, Dec 19 (don't miss these!)

I love Swag Bucks, though lately I haven't had as much time to devote to the site as I have had in the past.  I'm hoping that once things settle down that I'll be back grabbing all the Swag Bucks that I can possibly get so that I'll have tons of Amazon gift codes banked for gifts next year!  Thanks to a note from a Swag Bucks Santa, I get to reveal the upcoming Swag Code Extravaganza news to you all here today!  Take a gander at what's coming up on Monday, December 19:

Swagbucks is going crazy on Monday, with more ways for you to earn reward points towards free stuff. First, they're having a Swag Code Extravaganza, which means a fun day where you can earn up to 70 Swag Bucks from 8 different codes throughout the day! 

Second, there's a new set of Holiday Collector's Bills which you can only earn through search - get all five and you'll receive an instant 12 Swag Bucks bonus! The set starts at noon on Monday.

Finally, for any referral you bring in today through the 19th, you'll not only get up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks from Search, but 1,000 Matching Swag Bucks from everything they earn (not including codes) all day Monday - they're calling it Mega Match Monday!

That's three big reasons to visit Swagbucks this Monday!

So, if you haven't joined the best rewards site on the web, now is the perfect time.  Just use code HOLIDAYSWAG, which you can only apply during registration only (so you have to be new to the site and not a long time Swaggernaut!  This code is valid through 12/31 so you have plenty of time to join if things are too busy right now, but remember, joining before the big event on Monday is best so that you start your Swag Bucks account off with tons of earning opportunities. If you have any issues, shoot the folks at Swag Bucks a message since they are aware of this awesome promo code and want you to cash in.  Just let them know Pinching Abe sent ya!  Remember, you need to use code HOLIDAYSWAG on the registration page only, which you can get to from a referral link.  Here's my referral link if you're interested:  Pinching Abe's referral link to Swag Bucks

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