Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Bubbles of Love} Scent your clothing (and more) with Greenleaf Sachets

Greenleaf Sachets in fun, springy scents are an inexpensive way to scent your clothing and perhaps even set the mood for your Valentine's Day night.  Though many women might use sachets in places like the underwear drawer or lingerie drawer, I have found a few other uses for Greenleaf's sachets around my home.

I used a Greenleaf Slim Sachet (Roses) for the car.  I wanted something big enough to scent the minivan, but was afraid the large sachet would be too much scent for the space.  Here, I have tucked it under the passenger seat, along with my guide book to historical road markers.

On top of the litterbox?  Yes!  Roses are a scent that my cats don't mind in the least.  Plus, the sachet helps make the bathroom where the litter box is smell fresher.  I left the plastic covering on the package because the bathroom is a humid area and I want to avoid any issues that might occur due to wetness.

I used a small sachet of Green Leaf's Blushing Tulips in the kids' bathroom.  I tucked this one into a basket where hand towels are kept.

Unpictured:  I used a Pomegranate sachet for my unmentionables drawer.  I initially used a large sachet there, but I think I'll use a smaller one.  My bras were so strongly scented that I could literally smell them all day long through my clothes.  I want a lighter scent, so I'll downsize my sachet.

At prices that are approximately $2.50 for a large sachet, $2.00 for a slim sachet, and $1.30 for a small sachet, you can affordably scent your home (or car) with spring scents.  Aside from the three fragrances highlighted here, Greenleaf offers more than a dozen other scents. 

Disclosure:  Greenleaf provided me with several sachet product samples.  These were provided at no cost to me for the purposes of review.  I did not receive compensation for posting this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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