Friday, March 02, 2012

Michelin Tire $70 rebate ( via a $70 Master Card - offer valid 3/1-3/24)

Is now the time you're looking to buy new tires?  Michelin is offering a $70 tire rebate from 3/1 through 3/24.  This offer is only available at specified dealers, so be sure to search for the '$70' next to those service stations listed in their search listings when you look for a local place to buy.  One thing that I noted was the $70 Michelin tire rebate was not available in bigger stores like Sears and Sam's Club. So in this case, it will pay to shop at local, smaller service stations.

Important details for the $70 pre-paid Master Card rebate...
  • As mentioned, it is specific to only certain service stations.  Call around now to verify that they have 4 tires, as you must purchase 4 tires to qualify.  Do this asap in case they need to order tires for you. 
  • Get your form filled out here.  I suggest not waiting until the last day of the offer, mainly because you don't know when they'll pull the form down from the site.  If you do make the purchase within the time frame, but delay in getting the form, you may find it gone from the site. 
  • This offer is only good through 3/24.  Be sure to schedule your appointment by then!
  • You'll need a legible copy of your receipt.  Make sure that your service station's name appears on the receipt and always, always keep a copy until you receive your rebate offer.
  • Nice to know:  You can visit to check on your rebate status after you submit.
Do you have a friend riding around on bald tires?  Shoot them a link to this post and give them a heads up to this great offer.
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