Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pepsi NEXT to have sampling events at 800 Walmarts this spring

Have you heard of Pepsi NEXT?  I just heard about this new soda, to be launched later this month.  It's geared toward people who think regular soda is too sugary, whereas they also don't like diet soda taste either.   Pepsi NEXT will be having sampling events at over 800 Walmarts, starting on March 26  and running through the end of April.  The list is not yet up, but eventually you will be able to find a Walmart/Pepsi NEXT sampling event via facebook.com/pepsinext.  So keep an eye on that page for updates.

Do you remember Crystal Pepsi?  I do!  Let's hope Pepsi NEXT fares better than Crystal Pepsi did. 
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