Friday, March 16, 2012

Renuzit Fresh Accents try me free rebate

Purchase a Renuzit Fresh Accents Long Last Air Freshener in one of these scents and receive your money back via Renuzit's try me free rebate:

After the Rain
Apple and Cinnamon

Your purchase has to be made by 5/14 and you need to check off a box where you purchased it.  There are tons of retailers listed, so you'll know where to look for this item.

Note:  The refund value is up to $2.29 for a unit holder and 1 refill or up to $2.99 for the unit holder and 2 refills, so shop around for the larger package if you can find it.

I recommend printing the form and taking it with you as it does show the packaging of the products covered under this rebate.

Renuzit Fresh Accents rebate form
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