Monday, May 07, 2012

Kmart pet medication program (plus free treat through 5/26 w/purchase of ped med))

It's no secret that medications vary in price by pharmacy.  Most people don't give it much thought to how much it actually costs if they have insurance, since they're only responsible for the co-pay. However, if you don't have insurance and need a medicine, it makes a lot of sense to check around for pricing.  Pet medication should be no different. 

Did you know that you can fill pet medicines at a pharmacy, that you don't have to have them necessarily filled at your vet?  This is especially true for typical "human" medications that your pet might need.  Years ago, I filled vitamin K prescriptions at a local grocery store for my seriously ill cat.  The vet was out of the medicine and wrote me a prescription and told me to head to a pharmacy.  I never would have thought at that time that I actually had a choice as to where I had a pet prescription filled.

Kmart has a Pet Pharmacy program and you can have your pet's medications filled through them -- even medications for Heartworm, Arthritis, and Flea Prevention.  As a special offer to celebrate National Pet Month, they'll give you a free Purina treat (Purina Beneful Baked Delight or Purina Cat Treat valued up to $3.99) by purchasing pet medication at any Kmart pharmacy through May 26, 2012.  If your Kmart lacks a pharmacy, you can still get this free offer by spending $20 on Purina products, according to the press release.

If your pet's meds are costing you a fortune, it's worth checking out the prices at a pharmacy because you may be able to save money or be able to utilize an incentive program for new prescriptions.
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