Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kroger Cart Buster sale: General Mills Catalina match ups! #MyBlogSpark

Kroger's Cart Buster sale is still going on, and you can get even better deals on stock-up items this week with the $5 Catalina when you buy select General Mills products -- Buy 5, get $5!.  Here's a screenshot of what's in the ad at the Kroger nearest to me:

What will I be stocking up on?  Chex Mix for one.  My kids love Chex Mix and would eat it every day if I purchased it.  I will also be getting stocked up on General Mills cereals.  Cereal is such a huge expense, I have to stock up on sales when I can.  My kids like Honey Nut Cherrios (especially in plain yogurt).

Thought:  Work these deals and share with your local food pantry!  My son is a scout and he'll be collecting food during Scouting for Food in the very near future.  Cereal is an awesome donation item.

Match ups:  

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes are 10 for $10, and there's a .50/2 coupon out right now.  If your Kroger doubles, that makes 2 boxes for $1 after coupon.  If you had 3 of these coupons, you could do this deal:

$6.00  = 6 boxes of Betty Crocker boxed potatoes
$3       = 3 of the .50/2 coupons doubled
$3       = Total out of pocket for all 6 boxes, which generates the $5 Catalina = more than free.

Here's a link to the .50/2 coupon on Coupons.com:  http://zhqmgj.cpns.cc

Select varieties of GM Cereals are 2 for $5, as are Nature Valley Bars.  There are several coupons out right now to make this catalina deal even sweeter.  From checking out others' deal haul posts, it looks like Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Golden Grahams were included in the sale.

Link to .50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios coupon: http://adrsfz.cpns.cc
Link to .75/1 Honey Grahams coupon:  http://wzyjov.cpns.cc
Link to .50/1 Cocoa Puffs coupon:  http://ixsyaf.cpns.cc 
Link to .75/3 Nature Valley Bars coupon:  http://sesdcn.wm.cpns.cc

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie dough is 2 for $5.  There's a $1/2 printable coupon out right now.  Look for a package that has a rebate for Totinos pizza rolls. 

Link to $1/2 Refrigerated Cookie Dough coupon:  http://hszfnf.cpns.cc

Hamburger Helper is 2 for $3 and there is a printable coupon out for .75/3.  If this coupon doubles, it could potentially be a good deal.

$4.50    = 3 Hamburger Helpers
$1.50    = .75/3 doubled
$3.00    =  Total cost for 3, or $1 each.

Deal scenario:  Purchase 6 at $1.50 each, use 2 .75/3 coupons = $6 out of pocket, you'll get the $5 Catalina, making total cost after coupons/discounts/catalina $1 for 6 boxes (17 cents per box).

Link to .75/3 Hamburger Helper coupon:   http://xvgajv.cpns.cc

Toaster Strudels are $2 for $4 this week too.  There's a printable coupon out for .75/3, which can make this one sweet breakfast deal.

Deal scenario:

$12.00      = 6 Toaster Strudels
$3.00        = two .75/3  coupons doubled
$9.00        = out of pocket price, less $5 catalina =  $4 for 6 packages (67 cents each)

Link to .75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel coupon:  http://ykwzep.wm.cpns.cc

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes are 2 for $5:  There's a Sunday paper coupon out for .75/2.

Bear in mind, you can only earn one (1) catalina per transaction, so plan your deals accordingly.  Some bloggers have said they have been able to do multiple deals at once and still get the catalina.  I prefer to chain deals to avoid coupon drama.  Note:  The Catalina will expire one week after generated; Catalinas generated on 10/24 (end of event) expire 10/31.

Disclosure:  Information and a gift card were provided to me by Kroger and General Mills, via MyBlogSpark to facilitate this blog post.  I was also provided with an additional card to share with a friend... please look for more on what she was able to purchase during Kroger's Buy 5 - Save $5 Event later this week!

Do you have an awesome Kroger deal to share?  Please share a link if you're a blogger or tell me about it in the comments.  
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