Thursday, October 04, 2012

UNREAL(TM) Candy Review: Unjunked, but hard to find for some! #GotItFree #GetUnreal #ImaBzzAgent

UNREAL candy, candy unjunked?  It sounded like an interesting prospect and I purchased some one day at Staples while I was out and about snagging some hot deals on back-to-school items with the kids in tow.   Seeing as how it was hot out, we needed to consume the candy post haste before it melted down into goo.  I had grabbed them as a quick snack for us all to share in the car.  What did I buy?

UNREAL 54:  Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Of the two varieties of UNREAL candies that I purchased, I liked UNREAL 54 the best.  As I have mentioned before, blue food dye and I do not get along.  I loved the natural food dye option, which meant that I could eat the whole package if I wanted to without letting the green and blue ones go to waste.  These tasted remarkably like their name brand competitor, but the colors were a little off-putting.  I'm used to super bright Crayola primary colors in this type of candy and puce was a bit of a turn off.  However, the taste more than made up for my color aversion. 

Loved:  No GMOs, No artificial ingredients (including colorings) or preservatives, No corn syrup

Didn't love: Some of the colors

UNREAL 77:  Peanut Butter Cups

While I got a nibble of these in the car, my kids were the ones to greedily consume them.  I didn't UNREAL 77 as much, mainly because I didn't think the peanut butter was creamy and sweet enough.  However, my kids did not agree with me and actually asked for more.  My 11 year old is my more finicky eater and she raved about these to me.  She liked them just as well as the name brand competitor.  If you look at the comparison chart comparing UNREAL 77 with Reese's, you'll see that there's 10g less sugar in the UNREAL candy than Reese's.

Loved:  That my kids actually liked a lower sugar candy product!

Didn't love:  I missed the sweetness and wished the peanut butter flavor was more prominent and that the filling was creamier.

Overall, I would buy these again for my children.  My only complaint is the availability.  They're supposed to be available at Rite Aid, which is the closest store listed on their website that carries it local to me.  My store doesn't carry them.  A friend that I shared coupons with is also having difficulty finding them to try.

Where to find UNREAL Candy: CVS, Kroger, Staples, Rite Aid, BJ's, Michaels, Walgreens, Ralph's, and more.  Soon to come:  UNREAL Candy at Target.  I'm hoping as they expand distribution that I'll be able to find UNREAL at more of the stores that I shop at regularly.  This has been my greatest frustration as not everyone has a participating retailer nearby.

Disclosure:  I'm a BzzAgent.  That means that I was offered the opportunity to try UNREAL Candy for free, via coupons provided to me by the manufacturer via BzzAgent.  I was not required to post a review of this product, nor was I required to make anything I write positive.  This blog post will be submitted as Bzz, and I may be rewarded with MyPoints for this bzzactivity.  The opinions are my own or related to my family's experience with this product.
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