Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Coke Rewards Shell 10 Cents/gallon savings on gas

In case you missed this new(ish) reward --- 40 My Coke Rewards points will get you a 10 cents per gallon savings on Shell gas, if you're an FRN (Fuel Rewards Network) member.  Some quick details on this reward, which looks like it will be sticking around...
  • Limit 1 redemption per member per month
  • Limit 20 gallons of gas per vehicle
  • The FRN reward code expires 12/31/13 <-- li="li" next="next" year="year">
  • But once the FRN code has been activated, you're on the clock to use them since they will expire on the last day of the month that is two months after the month in which they're earned.  Don't bonk - use them right away.   
I read on the net that most car manufacturers base fuel tank size on the ability to get about 300 miles on a tank, which I would believe as when I fill my van and hit the button, it says I have about 300 miles to go to empty.  Save the most by taking the car with the largest tank.  My van is less fuel efficient than my husband's Versa, and thus it definitely has a bigger tank.

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