Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does your ATM now dispense $1s and $5s?

I found this article over at CNN Money very interesting!  Some major banks around the country are fitting their ATMs to give more exact amounts out --- meaning you're not stuck with having to withdraw money in $20 increments.  I love this concept!  If I need $25, I don't want to be forced to take out $40 (because, well, I'll find a way to spend it).  Here's hoping that by offering customers the option of taking out money that more closely matches how much they really would prefer to withdraw will mean better money control in the long-term.

Of course, this new service is aimed at their goal of not having to hire and keep so many tellers, which will ultimately cost jobs.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you like the idea of walking up to your ATM and withdrawing just $17 instead of $20?  

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